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To become an Implementation Partner of the InvestEU, interested parties must respond to a call for expressions of interest. The Commission then negotiates with them to determine the type of financial product they wish to implement and the conditions associated with it. The negotiations are concluded by the signing of a guarantee agreement which constitutes the status of implementation partner of the InvestEU. You will find more information on the application process and details on how to become an advisory partner in the questions and answers. Who can become an implementation and/or advisory partner? A similar procedure applies to InvestEU`s advisory partners, with a parallel call for expressions of interest. Selecting implementation and advisory partners for InvestEU With a guarantee from the EU budget, the InvestEU Fund will mobilise public and private investments managed by partners. It aims to generate 650 billion euros of additional investment. The InvestEU Advisory Hub will provide consulting services to advisory partners to develop a robust project pipeline for investment across the EU. Whether you want to sell a business and get a clean exit at a predictable price or buy a business and want appropriate corrective action if the financial situation of the objective is not as expected, the financial terms of the sales and sale contract are essential. We were the first of the big four audit companies to provide a special advisory service for merger and acquisition agreements, and we are confident that it will give you a considerable advantage in the deal process.

Interested parties can respond to the call (s) for expressions of interest while its evaluation of the columns is ongoing. However, the assessment of the pillar must be completed before the Commission can sign a guarantee or, in some cases, an advisory agreement. InvestEU brings together many EU financing instruments under one roof to stimulate investment, innovation and job creation. The InvestEU programme will be the main instrument for investment support and will succeed the Investment Plan for Europe (including the EFSI), which expires in 2020. The InvestEU programme will consist of the InvestEU Fund, the InvestEU Advisory Hub and the InvestEU portal.