Prorate Agreements

Multilateral Prorate Agreements (MPA) are promoted by an international association called the International Air Transport Association IATA. These agreements are based on the coordination of collective agreements. However, billing amounts are indexed to the level of fares, resulting in the participating airline receiving an amount that depends on the fare set by the valid airline. As noted in Stage 35, if this PVPC is smaller or equal to this PVVC, or if the difference between this PVPC and this PVVC does not exceed a certain threshold calculated by T1PC through business rules, the PC 8P acceptance module provides an OK first flag indicator to the PC 11P consolidation module. Such a first flag indicator means that the participating carrier accepts the proportional value calculated by the validating carrier. It is therefore necessary to put in place a method to limit at least some of the aforementioned disadvantages of existing methods. In particular, it would be very cost-effective for airlines to have a method that significantly speeds up the process of agreeing on the value of coupons, without resorting to restrictive solutions leading to the abandonment of independence. Current standard procedures require that it is up to a participating airline to determine the proportional values of its own coupons. When network managers opt for the standard IATA procedure, the validating network manager has the option of avoiding the transfer of value proportional to the issuance of UAC or rac messages. Therefore, Step 28 would not involve a value transfer based on the first example described above. The first transfer of a proportional value would take place in stage 45 on the side of the participating organization.

Thus, in this third example, the “first bearer,” as stated in the summary of the invention above, is the participating carrier. 1 Unilateral agreements, with the right to sell only for S7 Airlines flights. LOT Polish Airlines is also negotiating sharing agreements with other partners to facilitate travel to Southeast Asia and Australia. It is rumoured that Singapore Airlines is one of these potential partners. Regardless of the number of attempts to reach agreements, the numbered value of PV for which an agreement has been reached can be automatically sent to each carrier`s business account modules.