Wells Fargo Deposit Agreements

If you make your deposit in front of the location of the bank displayed, an ATM or an entry deadline ® Wells Fargo Mobile, we will generally credit the deposit to your account on the same business day. If you make your deposit after the deadline or on a non-professional day, we will credit it to your account the next business day. If a deposit has already been booked into your account, you can order a copy of a previous online deposit document or select the details next to the deposit if you are already registered. Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Service allows you to make a deposit directly into your current account or savings account with the Wells Fargo Mobile app. Mobile Deposit Service allows you to deposit photos of the front and back of your recommended and justified cheques, which you then allow us to process. If the deposit has not yet been booked or if the deposit has been made to an account you do not access online, call us at 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557). Please provide your transaction document during the call. Eligible accounts include deposit accounts, credits, credit cards, lines of credit, investment products, securities accounts, brokerage accounts, bonus accounts and other products or accounts that you have with us. After depositing your cheque with the mobile deposit, you must: Subject to eligibility conditions, cheques are deemed accepted for deposit on the business day we process the cheque, as long as the cheque is deposited before the reference time.

You`ll find more information in frequently asked questions about mobile repositories. Note: In some cases, it may be necessary to keep your deposit. The first $225 is usually available the next day, but the rest may be unavailable for several days. If you have any questions about the stop we put on your deposit, call 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557). If you are expecting a direct deposit and you have not received it, or if there has been an error in the amount of the direct deposit, please contact the company or the person who sends you the money. When using the ATM, AtM access codes allow certain Wells Fargo deposit accounts and brokers to withdraw money from Wells Fargo ATMs without using their physical debit, bank debit or prepaid cards, by displaying a code in our mobile app, or by texting a customer`s mobile phone on request. Terms and conditions for banking products, access codes for ATMs are found in the terms and conditions for Wells Fargo debit cards, bank and prepaid cards, as well as in the debit card surcharge for professional deposit accounts. Unless otherwise stated by the Site or our other agreements with you, transfers of electronic funds made through the Service before the deadline for the release of one business day will be reserved on the same day on your eligible account. Credit card, credit, credit and mortgage card transactions can take up to three business days, but book from the business day the transaction was made. Certain fees related to a bank account or online financial service may be generated when using the Service and are listed separately in specific agreements for an authorized account and/or on our website under the fee information, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement.